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We were thrilled to return to High Point Market this Spring for the Oscars of the Furniture world. We were tapped to do two Instagram Takeovers (one as a Market Pro) for the High Point Market Authority and (the other) for the voice of the International Market Centers that is responsible for organizing the design markets across the country.

For those who may have never heard of HPMKT, it is a To The Trade Only event for designers and retail buyers where we get to see the latest and greatest in furniture and decor and to shop for our clients. I spotted 7 Can’t Miss Design Trends that I will share with you. I cite some sources but others I do not because some are sources that I offer exclusively to the clients who pay me to shop for unique furniture and decor to furnish their homes. Most sell only to the trade as well.


Whether it’s a wall sconce, floor or table lamp, or chandelier, how you light your space will be front and center in any space. Developing a lighting plan is essential.

Expect to see more triangular shapes in the form of lampshades, textured crystal lighting, oversized chandeliers, and definitely groupings of large chandeliers in the form of quasi-art installations. Alabaster lighting is a focal point again, as well as the use of unexpected materials. And brass accented lighting is still on trend. (1. Dovetail, 2. Hudson Valley, 3. Made Goods, 4. Hubbardton Forge, 5. Made Goods, 6. Ngala Trading).


This trend has been building the last few years, but it was in full effect this Market. Mirrors are getting fancier and in some instances can take the place of a large piece of art or a gallery wall. This was a theme across manufacturers. We saw several that could easily make a statement in your space.

Made Goods was founded on mirrors so they never disappoint but there were some delectable standouts from others as well. (1-3: Made Goods; 4. Global Views; 5. Arteriors; 6. Vertuu).


And by statement art I mean figurative art specifically. There’s no secret that there’s a call to action in the art world for more inclusivity when it comes to Black Artists and figurative art showing the everyday lives of Black folk. I saw several large pieces of statement art featuring Black women as muse, which has definitely been on trend for the past year or so.

While I’d rather see artists supported directly by purchasing original art, I am hopeful that the large format prints and glycees I am seeing are by Black artists who are being paid handsomely for their work and not just unauthorized riffs on their work or performative ally-ship by co-opting the likeness of Black women.


Blonde finishes in rattan and woven decor, case goods and furniture appeared to give way to darker finishes this Spring. I saw several pieces that were mid to deeper toned in finishes. Arteriors showcased a few pieces of dark woven furniture in accent chairs and barstools that would look good in any space. The lighter rattan pieces I did encounter were vintage. Take a look below.


The Motherland has always served as a source of design inspiration for many, although it is almost hardly ever properly credited. Much of the “Boho” trends that have dominated the design space over the last few years, are actually based on African and other native cultures from around the globe. I saw more of that this year at High Point and actually spotlighted a company that is fully embracing the African design ethos - appropriately named Embrace. It’s founder sources traditional wax cloth to use on decor and upholstery of accent furniture pieces. The pieces are colorful and eclectic. Ngala Trading also introduced a lighting collaboration of with Keia McSwain, head of the Black Interior Designer Network (BIDN). Her designs include sconces (featured above) with sleek lines and leather tassels giving movement and panache to spaces where sconces traditionally reside. They standout assuredly in a crowded field of glass and shaded sconces currently on the market.

The first photo is of solid brass-carved statues from Ghana by Farafinya.


There was definitely a notable trend towards case goods made with some grade school geometry skills you never thought would play a lasting role in your life - like ever, ever. Texture and geometric forms in case goods were front and center. Take a look below


So, the 7th of the Can’t Miss Trends for Spring 2021 was femininity in its many curvaceous forms. I always enjoy adding a bit of the feminine in my designs, even for clients who swear that modern lines and masculine design forms are their jam. You really can’t have ying without the yang for true balance. However, what I am about to show you leaves no ambiguity. The curvy sofa has been a trend for the past year at least, although now we are swinging towards more voluptuous curves with the resurgence of knockoffs of Bellini's Camaleonda sectionals that are the new It Girls of the design world. But sofas weren’t the only furnishing showing off their curves and stilettos. Take a look below.

Not all of the trends highlighted are ”trendy” in the sense that they will be here today and gone tomorrow. At Joyful Designs Studio we believe that the trend towards more cultured, curated and colorful interiors will continue. Some of the trends we included here speak to that kind of cultural shift. We all want to live authentically in our homes and have them be unique to how we live and our experience of the world around us.

Let us know which trends you are loving and how we can help you design a home that feels like it’s uniquely you. Our contact form is below. We can’t wait to hear from you. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest (HERE). In the meantime, happy pinning!

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