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A Chicago Story | Joyful Designs®️Studio - Week III One Room Challenge

So, remember when we said we had a surprise reveal last week? Well, it’s here.

I am converting one of the bedrooms in my home into an office/cocktail sip and sit space. LOL. Week III of the One Room Challenge with media sponsor Better Homes and Gardens just did a Tina Turn-up times 10.

Well, I already had an office in my home and now I’ll have another on the living quarters level - i.e. the level where I spend 80% of my time without having to navigate all the steps. I live in a 4 level Chicago Greystone so these stairs are serious business. I have a front and a back of the house set.

So that’s the surprise. I’m team ”tew much” per usual. I’m doing two rooms in two locations, clear across the country from each other. LOL.

And I’m headed to High Point Market this week where I am working two tours and trying to get in some client shopping so I don’t have a lot of updates but this week. But if you have been following me on Instagram - Here - then you know that I’ve revealed a whole lot already about the design for the first space we are doing in Augusta, GA. Basically the whole kit and kaboodle. See below.

This photo realistic 3D render is basically how we see this space playing out once we have all of the furniture and decor. Unlike this Spring, there’s no major construction, no gut renovations going on, just design and execution mostly. However, we are building the custom headboard and upholstering it ourselves. We are also building the custom desk/table you see in the corner. Once we start receiving some of the furnishings and artwork from our sponsors, I’ll do a detailed update on what we selected and why.

Now, back to the Chicago cocktailery (shhh)/office. Well the cocktail part of it is really for #TheBabe. I rarely drink and I am pretty much a light weight when I do. But we will have a little bar area for him (mostly).

I’ve designed a desk for the space and we will fill in with some vintage, thrifted pieces and items I already own. So we are partially shopping my house to furnish this space. I acquired some items from estate sales and Facebook Marketplace (bookcases), but we do have some fabulous sponsors.

We are grateful to our partners at Blue Print Lighting for gifting us a their Catalonia chandelier which we customized not only with the colors you see above but we also switched out a couple of the arms for the style of the Campana chandelier. So this is truly a custom piece with deep rich enamel colors uniquely specified for our space. This lighting is so very special and we know that it has shipped so we can’t wait until it comes so we can really show you how special it is.

We next partnered with Minted who gifted us the Black Sheep Mural by Rose Lindo, above. It's a removable paper that is repositionable and printed on matte woven fabric. We know that it will be a stunning backdrop to our custom designed desk. We are working with a local furniture maker to bring my vision to life. T

I am really feeling geometric forms and this design speaks to that. We were fortunate to have been able to also partner with LoLoi Rugs and were able to select a perfect base from their collaboration with @chrislovesjulia. We chose a geometric pattern from the Alice Collection. Loloi is to the trade only but you can find their collaboration with Chris Loves Julia on Amazon.

Fabricut is partnering with us once again on fabric. We fell in love with the beautiful Delfina S.Harris fabric from Fabricut you see above and we have already had a roman shade made with it. We are excited to see it in the room.

We are still not set in stone on the layout but stay tuned because that will be a work in progress. The walls will be a deep, inky purple. Full saturation is the goal.

If you missed our updates from Week I or Week II, be sure to go back and read all about our plans for the Augusta space. And check out the ORC Featured Designer Highlight on our IG for all of the IRL and behind the scenes updates I’ve posted.

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