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Defining Home Is Trending | Design Influencers Tour Fall 2021 At High Point Market.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

All around the world real people, real families are defining what "home" means to them and how they want to live in their homes, on their terms. Design and how we feel about our environment have never been so critical to helping us make life long decisions about our homes today.

When we speak of trends, we are not referring to fads or temporary whims. When I say defining home is trending, I’m speaking about the future arc of how we "home" and live in our homes today. I'm talking about an existential and literal search for what feels right and true. The perennial crave for slower living, a climate friendly lifestyle, or simply a return to nature and things made of natural ingredients, are all on "trend" in this age of uncertainty and more time at home.

So your home is the trend. You get to define what it means, determine how you live in it and present it to the world. As a designer, my role is to show you the world of possibility with function forward living plans, custom furniture and unique decor. So follow along this Fall as I show you the world of furniture design and making home through my eyes during High Point Market’s Design Influencers Tour.

I’m excited and honored to be added to the Tour with this stellar line up of designers and bloggers. See my Instagram Post (Here) to view the list of other Design Influencers selected for this year's tour. There are thirteen furniture and lighting manufacturers who are tour sponsors (See Here).

As Design Influencers we will get an opportunity to visit their showrooms and some of their manufacturing facilities so that we can give you exclusive behind the scenes insight into the making of their furniture lines and how you can get furnishings made custom for how you home. While the insights from these showrooms are exclusive to the trade, you will get a first row seat through my eyes. So be sure to follow along and let me know what you really want to see. I’ll post here and on my Instagram.


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