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Deja Vu | Joyful Designs®️Studio - Week VI One Room Challenge Spring 2021

It feels like our first One Room Challenge™️ all over again. We have two weeks remaining and so much needs to be done. We have taken up residence in Georgia because visiting and working every other weekend just isn’t cutting it anymore. And on top of that I feel like I missed a whole week of potential progress because I attended our industry’s furniture and decor mecca for 5 whole days. It was worth it, but I lost time for sure.

This is not a woe is me post, however. Because for every step behind we feel, some arc in the universe keeps propelling us two steps forward. And I chalk part of that up to pre-planning my design scheme months in advance (even though it is constantly evolving). Take a look at our prior week’s progress below if you need to get caught up.


Last week’s progress, as well as events that happened today, are pretty epic in the larger scheme of racing to the finish line. Lots and lots happened. First, we have paint color on the walls. Does Extra White count? LOL. Okay, I guess it does but if you know me half well at all then you know that is neither the beginning nor the end of our color story for these spaces. Tile in the bathroom, soft furnishings and wall paper in the living room and kitchen areas will make the white count for something when we are done. Negative space in design is necessary so we will have it in spades to balance the graphics we plan to use elsewhere.

Second, we have floors (insert 5011 cartwheels, a jumping jack, and a toe kick for good measure). We are pumped about it! I had originally hoped to save costs by refinishing the existing heart of pine floors. That plan got blown up the first week though. We did a test patch and while it wasn’t terrible, there wasn’t much to write home about. Then we discovered that the kitchen floor, which was buried under 25 layers of linoleum, was trash. So what’s a girl to do? Add a laminate you can live with and keep it moving. One day, maybe, I’ll spare no expense and install wide plank hardwoods, but not ta-day my friend. Next!

We filed our last #joyxmorpholio post on Instagram today and gave a sneak peek of a bathroom rendering we did when we had to change our tile selection for the second time. Be sure to check it and follow us on our IG and Pinterest if you do not already do so. We are grateful for our partnerships and the #moodboard app by @Morpholioboard helps us work through our design ruminations at every turn.

While both the renderings and mood boards for the bath and living areas have changed since we first imagined the spaces, I am still amazed at how far we’ve moved the needle towards a total reimagining of Apartment 1A. Don’t worry. Stick with me. I promise a photo dump of our progress at the end of this blog post will include the bathroom renderings and a water color of how we imagined the kitchen and living areas. But before we get there, our final progress report for this week is that we have all of our lighting from our sponsor Hudson Valley Lighting; all of our sink and faucet parts from Elkay; our venthood and wine fridge from Zephyr; and all of our tile from Fireclay Tile! Hip Hip Hooray 🎊🎆🎉🎆!!!

As we have said many times before, we can not do this without the generosity of our partners. So, we again give a very special thank you to them:

Fireclay Tile


Hudson Valley Lighting


Thank you for following along. Please leave comments and questions below. We appreciate you rooting us on. Please also check out the other featured and guest designers at the One Room Challenge Blog. Better Homes and Gardens is the media sponsor. See you next week!

And as promised, our photo dump of progress and renderings!

Fireplace and walls are in SW Extra White. Window trim is SW Black Magic.

Wet paint. Kitchen area in SW Extra White.

Bathroom in SW Extra White. Our tile will change this color story soon.

Laminate flooring being installed. Driftwood from Lumber Liquidators.

And just like that, we have new flooring.

Original Bath design via rendering. We now have this shower tile in our possession. The floor tile has changed, as has the ceiling. But we do love how we originally imagined it.

Sink view of bathroom version 2.

Our tile in situ.

Watercolor rendering of living and kitchen areas.

Watercolor rendering of living and dining areas.

All rights are reserved. All works are copyrighted @2021 by Joyful Designs®️ LLC.

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