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Week III | One Room Challenge Spring 2021

We are coming up on the half-way mark for this One Room Challenge. For Week 3, the details are coming into focus for us. Weeks I and II were all about demo demo demo. This week is about sourcing countertops, a fireplace surround, nailing down a new electrical plan, getting the bathroom plumbed.

If you’ve been following us here and on our Instagram account, then you know that we are also providing updates in our #JoyfulHappenings Newsletter, as well as in partnership with @Morpholioboard. We released a #moodboard of our lighting plan with our partnering sponsor - Hudson Valley Lighting - who was generous enough to donate the lighting for all space this season. Oh how we thank you!

Take a look here:

We are planning for this home away from home to be a welcome respite from city living. All sub-600 square feet of it. As you can see above, the space plan accounts for a open concept layout and the kitchen’s foot print will essentially remain the same but we plan a to add a cool beverage center to the mix.

But before we get to those details later this week, we did a quick outline sketch of the space as we imagine it with some design flourishes we plan to DIY - and when I say we, I mean #TheBabe, who’s a jack of all trades. I am counting on him to execute the vision. So, here’s the outline of the kitchen area:

So, when I say the kitchen is tiny, I do mean it. The cost of appliances is insane at the moment so we are making do with full-size appliances like the stove and dishwasher, although we had wanted smaller, euro-sized appliances. So nothing special there, but if you recall this space pre-demo, there was a huge wall between the living room and kitchen which is now gone. Here’s the space in its current state.

There’s so much going on in this picture. Notice the new framing at the ceiling? We were able to open the wall here substantially and raise a portion of the kitchen ceiling which was lowered 1.5 feet to accommodate plumbing and electrical. The kitchen was getting almost no natural light so we are happy to see this space opened up and given a higher line of sight.

So, as you can see we are progressing nicely in Week 3. We were also able to prime the unit and ready it for paint and dare I say the W word? (Shhhh! The Babe doesn’t know yet that he’s got next on this round of wallpaper). 😊

Next week, we will focus on the bathroom - the worst room in the apartment. We have big plans for that space. We anticipate that our floor tile from FireClay Tile will have arrived by the next time we visit. Be sure to check our stories on Instagram and sign up for our bi-monthly Newsletter updates, as well as updates on @Morpholioboard every Friday.

But there’s more. Head on over to the One Room Challenge Blog to keep up with all of the featured and guest designers participating in this year’s challenge. Better Homes and Gardens is the media sponsor for the Challenge.

We are very thankful for the product partnerships for our space and we promise more information on all of the products we will use to make these makeovers design worthy.

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