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Weeee’re baaack! Not in a scary Jack Nicholson kind of way though. LOL.

This is our third time doing the One Room Challenge and we are THRILLED to be back as a Featured Designer.

A huge thank you to the Editors of Better Homes and Gardens and Linda Weinstein who chose our entries (bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining nook) this Spring as one of two “Best In Show” finishes among guest participants for the Spring One Room Challenge™️.

Recap anyone?

Ahhhh, were you hoping to see the before space for the Fall ORC? Well, you already have. I won’t replay it here until next week. But just know that we are working very hard behind the scenes to create the perfect place to put your feet up and get shit done. Hmmmm, was that a clue?

I know, you hate me now. So sorry. The problem is that I am scheming on possibly doing something crazy and my sane self is telling my "let’s go big or go home" self to sit down somewhere and just get ’er done. Because after all, we only have 8 weeks to finish. Eeek!

So, while these two halves fight over what will be revealed for another week, just know that I do not start my projects ahead of time. I plan, make plans, make back up plans, plan while I am executing and then execute while planning. Got it? Hahaha. It’s really true. Design never ends. So I am literally in the thick of contemplating what’s truly possible in 8 weeks.

If you are already following us on the ’gram then you know I dropped a huge visual for where my design vision will take me on this Fall ORC journey. See below.

I loved her at first sight and used her sister in my Spring ORC design. And I had the fabric customized to only feature her. I’ve been holding onto it waiting for the perfect project since 2019.

So you see! Plans upon plans upon plans.

Be sure to follow our process and progress here (this is where I invite you to give us an email address below so I can deliver these updates hot off the presses to your inbox 😉). You can also follow us on the ‘gram and the Pinterest (@joyfuldesignsstudio).

And I can’t wait to see what my fellow featured designers are doing for this one room challenge. So be sure to follow along with them as well.

Media BH&G | TM ORC


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