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So we ended last week’s blog post on a high note with a water color reveal of our entryway. Already that rendering has changed. As I mentioned, that‘s a service I hire out for clients so that they can really get some initial idea of the space and design. We also offer a more photo realistic render and a walk-through rendering of the space depending on client preference and budget. For the One Room Challenge, I've shown you three types of visualizations so far (an initial sketch, elevation, and a water color rendering below). These services happen in stages. Design takes time and we like to prepare our clients for the process so that we can achieve their dreams for the space.

Our on-boarding process includes:

📌a discussion with the client of their vision and how they want to live in the space,

📌a Pinterest inspo share,

📌a site tour and initial measurements,

📌a discussion about the design process and timing, and

📌a signing of the contract and payment of design fees

If you’ve been following along from our Week 1 blog, then you know these are no longer the doors and the original floor has changed. You can get caught up on Week 1 and Week 2 blogs here. These are the new doors and they’ve actually been hung and are awaiting hardware.

Yayyy! You don’t know the half of what my fiance had to do to install these himself. We added the sweep at the bottom because the doors were not only too wide but too short as well. I still need to make a decision about the color because they cant stay silver. Depending on when you source and how far in advance you are able to source for a project, your design option might need to change and thats not different for me as the client. Our goal at JDS is to adequately plan as best as possible and to manage our client's expectations, as well as anticipate design challenges so we can face them head on.

While working on our space for the One Room Challenge, we also had the bright idea that we would attend High Point Market In North Carolina for the first session. For those who may not be familiar with High Point, it is a smorgasborg of furniture and decor manufacturers and makers who come together to exhibit the latest and greatest in furniture and design twice a year (although, a little birdie told me that HPMKT is considering opening year round). It is open to the trade only. So you need an interior designer and/or a retailer like myself to have access to view what’s on offer. I featured some of my finds in my Instagram VLOG, which you can find here under my HPMKT Highlights. I plan to also do a recap of my 4 day visit to HPMKT because there was far more to see than I could vlog about day to day. Please do me a favor and let me know what day this coming week works for you. I had a tremendous amount of interest in the recap. I did a similar one in January of this year after I attended the Las Vegas Market.

Ok back to our ORC space. Our plan is to begin painting either this weekend or next because we have some serious prepping of the walls to do. In our IG stories we showed you how decadent the blue will be. Sherwin Williams sponsored all of the paint for our space and some for the covered porch as well. We are so grateful for the donation of paint, which is one of our biggest transformations of the space. And I must say that Sherwin Williams was especially generous in donating paint from its Emerald Designer Line, which ensures a smooth finish. And if the water color rendering was any clue, the paint we chose is a decadent blue. LOL. Sherwin Williams Commodore 6524 blue to be specific. See our video below.

Finally, we were fortunate enough to receive another sponsorship from one of our favorite wallpaper vendors and are absolutely thrilled that they agreed to donate the paper we would need for the ceiling (hint: our purple swirl). Walls Need Love sells such a great variety of wall coverings that I do not hesitate to use them when I need affordable permanent and/or temporary wallpaper for projects. They have peel and stick, as well as traditional paste wallpaper. Because the color of the doors is so rich, we wanted to create a little jewel-box of a room for us to step into when reaching our apartment. We think this particular Walls Need Love wall mural is the perfect accent. So without further ado, here‘s a picture of the wallpaper we chose for the ceiling.

It's called "Crystal Bridges" and it came in 4 pieces. I was able to work with them on what sections I wanted to capture because this wall covering comes in a mural and can be much larger than the 32 square inches we are using for our space. Walls Need Love could not have made the process more simple. We had the choice of a smooth texture or a slightly raised texture akin to pebbles. We chose the smooth version. But both can be wiped down which is important for a vestibule. I will say that the smooth version seems to have an intenser color than the the pebbled one. The paper went up quickly and smoothly after we removed the popcorn ceiling. It took about an hour to install.

Next week we will show you the full 3D rendering of the space and perhaps a walk-through. There are levels to renders and the costs can vary. Please don't forget to let us know your thoughts about a day to do a HPMKT recap and leave us a comment in the comment section with any questions. In the meantime, please check out the other featured designers and guest participants over at the One Room Challenge Blog. Better Homes and Gardens is the media partner of the One Room Challenge.

Thank you again to our Sponsors this week:

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