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Joyful Designs®️Studio | One Room Challenge™️ | Final Reveal

It was all a dream . . . nope, not really 😆 . I felt the entire 7 weeks of pangs it took to bring this entryway together. But, I know my tenants and myself will feel light years better walking into the new space versus the old space - all 32 square feet.

If you are just getting to this page, my name is Joy Williams and I am the Principal Designer and CEO of Joyful Designs Studio (aka Joyful Designs ®️ LLC). Click here to follow us on Instagram. My vision is to design artful and well curated interiors giving clients the style and function necessary to live fabulously in their homes. This space is part of my Fall 2020 One Room Challenge™️ (ORC) entry. The ORC is currently in its 18th season and is a space for designers, design enthusiasts, and DIYers to support and encourage each other in the transformation of a space over a 6-week period - sometimes longer. It‘s supported by its media partner Better Homes and Gardens.

This is my first time participating but not my last. I want to thank Linda Weinstein of Calling it Home for creating this challenge and Better Homes and Gardens for supporting all of the many wonderful participants and featured designers year after year. It was an honor.

It was harder getting to this finish line than we thought. We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors who were so very kind in partnering with us. We’d like to give special thanks to the following:

Sherwin Williams (Stores 3392 and 2066 )

To catch up on prior weeks of our Blog Posts for this challenge see here: Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Now for what you really came to see!

The Reveal . . .

Welcome! We decided to also paint the outer door the same color as the inside doors. Sherwin Williams Commodore 6524.

We used SW 6524 and it is spectacular in direct sunlight but is a chameleon when it gets darker. It provided the very pop we needed for this space.

A few before shots. We believe that these are the original doors and side windows. The home, now triplex, was built in the 1920s.

This space was so hard to shoot, with and without a wide angle lens. These photos were all taken by me, but the professional ones I had taken couldn’t quite capture it all at once either. We used Schlage Encode WIFI locks here and on the entryway door. They were generously donated by Cap 8 Doors and Hardware, whose owner is a client of mine.

On the floor, our first tile option would've taken too long to receive so we opted for this beautiful porcelain tile from Wayfair. It was economical and provided the black and white scheme we needed to temper the bold blue we used in the space.

We left no surface unattended. The piece de resistance was this wall mural gifted to us by our partner Walls Need Love. The lilac, blue and gray swirls are a perfect complement to the room. It definitely elevates the space. The pattern is called Crystal Bridges.

The sunlight just floods the space around mid-day and electrifies the blue.

Some before pictures of the same space. Every door was different.

The curtains were removed. We may later add some reeded film to the windows for some privacy.

These doors had to be customized because the openings are not standard sizes. We didn’t want to narrow the opening either so our only option was to buy them slightly bigger and plane them down. They turned out beautifully even though they were not our first choice.

The details. We used door knockers from West Elm.

Because the doors had to be planed, that threw off our lines for hardware. We had to improvise, but I refused to give up on the Schlage Encode WIFI lock sponsored by Cap 8 Doors and Hardware. One of these units will be a short term rental unit. The locks are a time saver and are perfect for these type of rentals. Remote opening and locking is a treasured feature. The handle I found at a vintage shop.

The one items we feared would not arrive in time, but did, is this beautiful light fixture by West Elm. It’s called Champignon. The brass accents and milky globes added the perfect complement to the Walls Need Love mural, which as you can see changes depth of color depending on the time of day. This ceiling started as a popcorn ceiling so it’s come a very long way.

While we didn’t makeover the entire porch, we felt it a real accomplishment to be able to make the front door over and add that to our project list. The lanterns you see were generously sponsored by our partner Savoy House Lighting. They are absolutely stunning in person and the perfect size and style for the property. The prior lights provided almost no sufficient light at night. These were spray painted a satin black finish.

See the prior light on the left.

The rug was a gift from our partner Ruggable. It’s the perfect pattern for the front porch and is actually from their outdoor line. It’s completely washable which will be necessary for a hard wearing entryway. We love it and highly recommend these rugs.

This blue turned out better than we hoped and makes the porch a stand out on the block. We’ve come so far from where we started, and have more to go as far as the actual apartments themselves, but we are thrilled to have completed the entryway and front door.

At the start of this journey we took you behind the scenes into our client consultation process and showed you watercolors, drawings and renders of our space. These tools gave us a really good blueprint for the final space and we are very happy with the final results. Take a look below to see how close we came to our vision.

Thank you tremendously for following along. We plan to talk more in depth about our sponsors and the products we used in our next Blog Post. Please sign up to receive Blog Updates in your mailbox automatically. We promise not to spam you.

Congratulations to all the other guest participants on finishing and the the featured designers. Thank you again, Linda, the One Room Challenge™️ and Better Homes and Gardens. Head over the the ORC Blog to see what the other participants have accomplished.

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