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Joyful Designs®️Studio | Week 5 - Time Is On Our Side | One Room Challenge™️

Week 5 of the One Room Challenge™️ is here and we are excited to say that we think we can finish by Week 6. Luckily though, if we need more time, Reveal Week has been extended until November 29th. And it just so happens that we may not know the victor of the US Presidential race until then.

So, what have we accomplished leading into the final reveal? Quite a lot I must say. Hopefully you have been keeping updated on our Instagram Page. We are all about Stories and the daily reveals we get to do there. I am actually in Georgia managing our trades and shopping for some of the decor finishes. So, if you've been following along, you know that the floors happened and they are spectacular.

We are pretty happy with our Contractor-Boo (Fiance) who installed these himself. As I mentioned in previous Blog Posts (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4), these tiles were a substitute for what I had planned to do originally but because the wait time was outside of our window, these alternate tiles were substituted. The thing I love most about these porcelain tiles is that just by moving the hexagon around, you can achieve at least 4 other patterns from the same tile. If you look closely, you will see that there are 6 sides to these tiles. And they come in a reverse color way!

Equally, our can’t miss Commodore Blue by Sherwin Williams works overtime in giving our entryway the 1-2 punch it needed to attract tenants. It is a bit of a chameleon. We used it in eggshell for the interior. It goes on bright electric blue but subdues a bit after it dries and appears almost night blue in the shade or low light. It’s a very fascinating a memorable color. It definitely commands attention and perfectly accentuates our nod to art deco we were trying to achieve in the space. I was so thrilled when my neighbor totally got the art deco vibe today.

The doors and trim were also painted this shade of blue and the walls got Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams. We added a 4 inch crown molding around the ceiling, which perfectly draws your eye up to the knock out wall mural on the ceiling by our partner Walls Need Love. I showed you the mural a few weeks back when I laid it out flat before install. See below.

It came in four pieces and really was the easiest install I think we’ve ever had of a wallpapered ceiling. Walls Need Love can adjust the pattern to the scale of your space, which they did for us. It’s one of the reasons I believe in their product and do not hesitate to recommend it. In fact, I’ve partnered with them to get you an offer of 30% OFF your next order! Use Code JOYFUL when ordering to receive your 30% DISCOUNT THROUGH NOVEMBER 30, 2020. After the 30th, you can still use our JOYFUL Discount Code to get 25% OFF.

I was beyond excited to partner with a brand I love and I promise you more brand partnerships with my codes soon. Sign up to be on our email list at our website to get the latest. Finally, the other major happening this week was that we received our light fixture. We previewed it in our Instagram Stories, but we are saving the full reveal for the finished entryway.

While we are working hard to complete our space by next week (probably when we will have the results of our presidential election), I want to leave you with a regression of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come below. There are so many wonderful Featured Designers and Guest Participants who are working really hard on their spaces and doing great work. I encourage you to follow them and view their spaces at the One Room Challenge™️ Blog. Better Homes and Gardens is the media partner of the ORC.

Where we started:

Where we are going:

And going:

And going...

Of course the floor is different, but this is an accurate depiction of our final space. See you next week for the reveal!

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