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Joyful Designs®️Studio | What a Renderful World WEEK 4 | One Room Challenge


Week 4 of the One Room Challenge™️ is in full swing and there’s so much going on, I can’t possibly cover all of it in the Blog. So, make sure you catch our Stories over @JoyfulDesignsStudio on our Instagram page.

In mapping out part our design process for you, I’ve shown you a bit of the space planning that happens, an elevation, a water color rendering and now I’m going to show you the full rendering (catch the walkthrough in IG Stories). This rendering was done before we had to alter our doors, but leaves nothing to the client’s imagination. The client gets a full experience of what to expect once the space is complete. Although my clients in this design are myself and my tenants, I wanted you to get a complete picture of the process. So take a look below.

Remember our original specifications for the floor? This was done before that change as well. The ceiling I’ve been hiding from you (LOL) looks great in the space and I can’t wait to show you show you some iphone shots of it in place. It’s actually installed and we couldn’t be happier with our Walls Need Love wallpaper mural by our partner who graciously donated for the project. See our Week 3 Blog for more information about it.

So now that our client has a full visual rendering of the space, she can rest easy that what we’ve asked her to imagine and to see, as we see as the designer, will meet her expectations and dreams. We then move on to making it happen. To date what have we done? The doors have already been installed. We’ve laid out a design plan for the tile. The ceiling mural has been installed to make the space magical. So, next up is the actual installation of the porcelain floor tile and painting the space, which we have hired professional painters to do. See a snapshot of the tile below.

We love this tile. It can be installed in a variety of patterns just by moving the tile around. We found a pattern that the client loves (me), but can totally see doing this in different shapes and patterns for other projects. It’s clean, unfussy, and fits the aesthetic we are shooting for for the entryway. We want the client and tenants to feel like where they live is a special place.

We received a bit of good news this week from the One Room Challenge™️ and media partner Better Homes and Gardens - the challenge has been extended an extra week to give guests a little more time to finish. I do not think we will need it, but you never know. I was worried about my light fixture arriving on time but I am happy to say, it has been received. So hip hip hurray! There are so many wonderful Featured Designers and Guest Participants in this challenge, be sure to check them out at the One Room Challenge™️ Blog. See you next week and see our IG Stories for the latest updates.


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