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Make It Work Moments | Joyful Designs®️Studio - Week VI One Room Challenge Fall 2021

In life there are or will be many Tim Gunn ”make it work moments.” And just like in fashion, design is at the precipice of several of those moments. Global shipping delays have impacted all facets of the supply chain and the One Room Challenge™️ spaces are not exempt.

Week 6 feels like a lost one, a la Lauryn Hill. But we are thankful for the small victories that made a big impact this week. So while this week’s post will be short of witty prose, we do have some pictures of the small but mighty progress we made this week on the Chicago Office. Take a look.

We prepped the space for primer by covering the oak floors that were already in the space.

We then primed the walls, doors, trim and ceiling in earnest.

We used a clay based paint and honestly we made the one gallon we had stretch a long way by using a sprayer. For those who may be wondering if this is really primer, it is. It’s best practice to use a dark primer for a dark wall color.

We went full on dark and highgloss. This color is called Paean Black, which in a gloss and light shows its true ”grape” color.

This paint took awhile to dry according to #TheBabe. I was already on a leadership retreat by the time it finally cured. So this iPhone picture does it no justice.

In addition to getting the painting done for the Chicago Office, we also received our light fixture from BLUEPRINT LIGHTING. We are beyond thrilled with the precision and craftsmanship of this art piece. Once we get it installed we will show you it in its full glory, but here’s a sneak peek.

The enamel colors we choose are spot on and true to the sample pack we received. So, if you choose BLUEPRINT LIGHTING, just know you will get what you see. Thank you BLUEPRINT LIGHTING!

Well that’s all I have for you this week on the blog, but stay tuned to our Instagram Stories so you can follow our updates in real time.

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