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Mid-Way Blues | Joyful Designs®️Studio - Week IV One Room Challenge Fall 2021

I was reminded that we are now half way through the challenge and my heart started literally racing. Unlike the challenge this Spring (see reveal here) where we gut renovated 3 whole space including a bath and kitchen, this Fall we are at the mercy of the #shippinggods to complete our spaces on time. So my panic meter is at def con 8 at this point waiting for goods to come in at Week IV of the One Room Challenge with media sponsor Better Homes and Gardens.

But, we are at least doing the things that are in our power to do before the November 17th deadline. So if you missed last week’s blog, I revealed that I am doing two spaces in two different states and let’s just say, I don’t know what I was thinking. Somebody should have stopped me. The Babe thinks I’m crazy for sure, but he has been pitching in like a champ. He used the wonderful tools RYOBI TOOLS USA (brushless drill driver kit and circular saw) sent us to do some work on the Office/Flex space we are cooking up in Chicago. Here is a before of the space, which used to be a catchall guest bedroom.

Now, don’t judge me. I didn’t buy anything new for this room when I moved in this house 5 years ago. And my prior home didn’t have tall ceilings so it all came here and had lived this way until I donated the bed and mattress to my nephew two years ago. He didn’t want the dresser. LOL. So, it’s pretty much has been serving as storage space du jour until we cleared it out for this project.

Those paint colors I tested didn’t make the cut but I am going to circle back to that kind of pea green. So this room is pretty much a funky little narrow space that is off the back stairs of the house and the kitchen is right below so it works for an office/flex space perfectly.

While I was off working at High Point Market - which is where furniture and home decor manufacturers show their wares to designers and retailers like myself twice a year - #TheBabe was adding some interest to these walls with trim. The trim was a last minute decision but it will make sense once you actually see the paint on the walls.

By the way, did I mention that I live in an 1890's greystone? None and I do mean not nary a one of these walls is plumb. So when #TheBabe mentioned (hollered/complained) about having to use all of his talents and the RYOBI Tools to make it work, I just did an eye roll because he always comes through.

I wasn’t liking the top horizontal line so that will be removed to look like this.

Now for the desk. I mentioned last week that I designed the desk and am having it custom made by a local furniture maker. It will be solid walnut so definitely an heirloom quality piece.

Geometry in design is trending but I’ve always been attracted to geometric forms in my designs. This desk fits the bill.

I received some sweet updates from my furniture maker while at Market.

How it started:

How it’s going:

Sweeeet! I’m am beyond excited, as if you couldn’t tell. Plus, it's a bonus to be able to support local minority owned businesses in Chicago.

I also hopped on FB Marketplace a couple of weeks ago and found some used bookcases we plan to add to the space after some modification by #TheBabe. Take a look:

These will be painted the same color as the walls so stay tuned for that.

Also, lighting will be huge in this space both figuratively and literally. I think we received our chandelier from BLUEPRINT LIGHTING while I have been gone. Prepare to hear me scream when I see it. I was able to customize the Catalonia and Campana for this space so it will not be what you are used to seeing. They were able to send me a quick drawing of where I was hoping to go. Take a look:

It’s going to be so good. I’m using the ”wisteria” enamel to bring out the purple tones of the paint color I am using for the walls and the ”carob” has a saturated depth of color that reads like the color of figs. And ”vineyard” is a pop of berry color I will always love.

So, while we have a long way to go we have still made some progress as you can see. Next week, I’ll give you an update on both spaces (Georgia and Chicago) because I am hopeful that more furniture and decor will have arrived by then.

If you need to catch up on the blogs from the first three weeks, you can do so here: Week I , Week II, and Week III. Follow us Instagram - Here.

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