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Of Rest And Work | Joyful Designs®️Studio - Week VII One Room Challenge Fall 2021

It’s interesting that this is Week VII of the One Room Challenge™️, of which Better Homes and Gardens is the media sponsor.

As a Christian, we learned that God rested from all His work on the 7th day - the Sabbath. Genesis 2:2. Appropriately, the two spaces we are working to complete fit into this fundamental relationship between work and rest - our Chicago Office and our Georgia Bedroom.

I’ve always been interested in numerology and astrology so this seems prescient in some weird way that I cannot attribute to myself. So let’s get into the updates this week.


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We are thrilled to report we received the Minori Bed, Loom and Leaf Mattress, Lineal Adjustable Bed Base and Linen Sheets and Duvet sets from our partner SAATVA - the official mattress sponsor of the One Room Challenge.

We are so please with the Lineal Adjustable Bed Base and happy that we specified that particular one. The features are phenomenal - under bed lighting, massage function, head and foot lifts, as well as a zero gravity position all with the push of a button because these settings are on a remote control.

We also received our ottomans from our partners at MINTED and WEST ELM as part of their collaboration MINTED x WESTELM. MINTED also delivered on the artwork we specified for the space and it is everything we needed to create a cohesive look.

The print is called Prairie by Laura Bolter. We also received some door hardware from DELANEY HARDWARE and we are so happy with how they crystal rosette Bravura knobs we chose elevate the doors that could not be replaced.

We also had to pivot from building our own headboard. I really loved the Minori Bed by SAATVA so I wanted to use the headboard but of course make it unique for us and how we want to live in our space. So I had to figure out how to sew a headboard cover with the beautiful fabric featuring Queen Idia since that served as the inspiration for the bedroom.

I also added some cording for contrast. Headboard covers add an elegant but casual touch to bedrooms so I am always happy when I see one when traveling. They also protect your fabric headboards because the covers can be washed or dry cleaned.

The trickiest parts were those corners. As a designer, I do not usually do this kind of work myself. I typically have my workroom create beautiful details like these for the clients I serve, but production times are 8-10 weeks for custom work and this is a bedroom in our vacation home so I could justify doing the work myself. Plus it will be a nice remembrance.

This space will be photographed this week. It is so gorgeous. I can’t wait to show you more next week. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the CALICO quick ship drapes arrive tomorrow.


I have had to rely on #TheBabe for updates from Chicago. He has been a real trouper and has painted the entire space, as well as these bookcases himself. He also built a cabinet to go over the bookcases.

These are the used ones we bought from Meta Marketplace. As you can see, it’s a totally moody office so it’s hard for him to photograph. But it is as I imagined it. We plan to add some contrast on two of the other walls if you recall.

Here’s an early rendering we did. Some elements have changed and we are still not decided on the layout.

We received some additional lighting from our partner HUDSON VALLEY LIGHTING to complement the spectacular BLUEPRINT LIGHTING Catalonia-esque chandelier we customized for the room.

As you can see from the render, the piece de resistance is the custom desk we designed and are having made from a local furniture maker. Geometric forms are definitely on trend but have always been part of my signature design aesthetic. I use them frequently in my own home.

I added the 45 degree edge a couple of weeks ago and they were able to meet my specifications. The legs are solid walnut. The desk is everything. If I couldn’t have anything else in the room but the desk, I would.

Our Chris Loves Julia LOLOI Rug arrived and we cannot wait to see it in the room. We initially specified the one above but changed our mind and will have one similar but with a diamond pattern to mimic the roman shade.

We still have a ton of work to do before we reach the finish line. Thanks for following along. Tune in to our Instagram stories for the latest because when I get back to Chicago, I have to hit the ground running to deliver not one but two rooms across two different states, 830 miles apart. Wish me luck!

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