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Platforms and Benches | Joyful Designs®️Studio - Week IV One Room Challenge Spring 2021

Half way to goal and we are deep in the trenches of building forms and waiting on tile and flooring. Our MVP this week is definitely #TheBabe. He comes through every time and honestly we would be so behind without him as you will see.

We left off last week showing a clean and primed work area of the living room, kitchen and dining areas. We also got to the pretty and posted the first spatial design concept for our spaces. See Week I, Week II and Week III One Room Challenge™️ Blog posts to catch up.

See Dining Nook:

See Kitchen and Living Area:

Hopefully you are following our Instagram and Facebook pages (@joyfuldesignsstudio, as well as Pinterest (@joyfuldesignsstudio) and Twitter (@joyfuldesigns1). If you are then you likely saw these concepts in full color and the textile and furniture choices we made as well. And while we are excitedly working towards finishing these spaces on time, we are also preparing for the design event of the season - HighPoint Market! It’s a trade only event where we get to feel, touch, and see the latest and greatest in the world of furnishings and home decor. I will be reporting and doing an Instagram Takeover of a couple of HPMKT related sites for this year’s market so be sure to follow me on all of my SM for your own backstage pass.

Now what’s new this week?! Our bathroom floor tile sponsor - Fireclay Tile - came all the way through for us. I’ll show you a sneak peak of the tile we will be using for the floor. With shipping delays and low stock problems the home decor industry is facing, we had to change our design, but we love the new tile we get to use in this space. Take a look.

Yippee! Yay!!! Two new words for my vocabulary when I saw this GORGEOUS GORGEOUS tile called #Kasbah. I’ll debut the #Moodboard for the bathroom on tomorrow‘s IG posting for our collab - #JOYXMORPHOLIO.

Back to our #MVP, #TheBabe. He really came through this week and built from scratch and without any plans, our custom piano bench and platforms for the dining nook wall you see above. We got bids from a few carpenters and the price was insane. Wood prices are astronomical and make no sense whatsoever. Carpenters are in high demand. Those two factors are driving price spikes for custom work to be sure. But #TheBabe said he would just do it himself and save us time and money. He literally built the forms in the pic below in 2 hours, flat packed it and shipped it to Georgia this weekend.

Stay tuned for our Stories on IG today. I’ll give you more insight into the build and how it features in the dining nook. Next week we will get into the nitty gritty of choosing textiles for this One Room Challenge. Be sure to follow us and the other designers and design enthusiasts on the ORC Blog. Better Homes and Gardens is the media partner for the One Room Challenge.

A special thank you goes to our sponsors this year. You can see all of the products I discuss on their websites.

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