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Project #Purpleandgold

My client collects butterfly memorabilia and trinkets and loves the color purple. Her home was heavy on purple, brown, black and silver. However, after a couple of consultations, I understood her aesthetic. She's definitely more of a #Glamgirl. Her husband on the other hand, prefers useful items and nothing too frilly, though based on my initial conversations with him about the project, he can tolerate a more #glamstyle. The budget was small, but the room needed a total makeover. It lacked storage solutions and the king sized bed took up the entire back wall of the room - so no room for side tables or night stands. We took everything out of the room except the bed and the tv. My client had to keep the king bed in the room.

The bed is the room.

So, as I hinted at on our Instagram page (You can follow us @joysdesignhouse, if you haven't already), the room is seriously tiny. It is very narrow at the top of the room where the bed sits on the wall (see BEFORE picture above). There was no head board so I had to design something that was functional and have my carpenter make it. The headboard is 8 inches in width so it will hold a cup, am ipad or laptop just fine. I stained and painted it myself. The stain is golden oak. I also found a small dresser that could fit quite a bit and refinished it (I posted the details on our IG page). The dresser was seriously a DIY #budgetmakeover. It came as a pair (the second dresser will be refinished later and added to the room). It turned out beautifully. It's in a french-style that was popular in the 50s. It is solid wood, which is rare for the fast-furniture finds of today. We also had the door to the room reversed because it was taking up much needed space in the room and the couple like having the door open anyway because the room retains heat, although there is AC. I also had the TV hung on the wall (as you will see, we will need to snake the wires behind the wall because they are seriously distracting from a design perspective). Next, I added some gorgeous deep gold plug-in or wired sconces (hint: the gold inspiration for project #purpleandgold). And my design included window treatments, which my client was shocked that she had never thought to add such a grounding touch to the room. Curtains go a long way towards cozy. I don't care how big or small the room is, they work to soften it up. So, those were a few of our solutions to making the room work for our client - storage, adding warmth, pops of color, and a bit of glam.

Oh before I forget, I would be neglectful if I didn't mention the tone on tone stenciling I did. I added a kind of geometric large format stencil to the back wall where the headboard would sit. I wanted to ground the room in something other than paint and add a bit of masculinity to it. I tried to keep the pattern or at least something close to that pattern in other areas of the room (the center curtains and some throw pillows). I only painted two walls the deep gray color and used a satin finish on matte for the tone on tone. The client was reluctant with the dark gray suggestion although her interior doors are a deeper grey (iron ore). I convinced her that it would balance out the glam and provide a background for the bed and headboard (I'm glad she trusted me). The bench at the end of the bed is a nod to the husband as well. It is a purple/grayish vinyl snakeskin.

It was an easy project and it turned out beautifully. My clients were absolutely thrilled with the result and I even received a text from the husband that started with "OMG!" So, you can't beat that. I love happy clients who get what they need from the design process. Pictures are posted below (slide show so click the arrow) - before and after and I will post a DIY post for the dresser makeover sometime tomorrow. So, stay tuned and thanks for following. And call us, we'd love to help you re-fresh a room in your home as well..

All the best,



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