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The Plan and The King Maker | Joyful Designs®️Studio - Week II One Room Challenge Fall 2021

Crown me Queen and I’ll make you a King. That’s how the story started, in a nutshell. I entered stage left when I happened upon some magical fabric that spoke volumes in culture, history and folklore. I’ve been scheming on a headboard I could make using it for 2 years. And what better time than as a Featured Designer for the One Room Challenge™️, with media sponsor Better Homes and Gardens!

So what’s the plan and who’s the queen, pray tell? The lone two rooms unfinished in our vacation home after our epic Spring One Room Challenge (see that reveal here for a recap), was the primary bedroom and a small laundry area. So for those who guessed we would be doing a bedroom - you were right!😊

How it started.

How it’s going.

We have a space plan and new floors! Score one for JDS. So what happened to the tale of the queen? Well now she’s fancy and has to be properly introduced.

So there once was a Queen named Idia in the Kingdom of Benin. She loved her son so and was determined to make him King. She was a great warrior who possessed keen medicinal knowledge and magic powers that she used to her son’s advantage. He later became King and she became Queen Mother or Iyoba.

This is one of four bronze heads of her likeness from the 16th Century. Gorgeous! The fabric that sparked my joy for the bedroom headboard is a custom made textile of her likeness and it is in a gloriously sunny shade.

I love her so. That’s #TheBabe measuring because he does all things carpentry and mechanical well. So stay tuned for more projects with him. To that end one of our lovely sponsor - RYOBI TOOLS USA - was kind enough to send us a whole host of products to get our space started off on the right foot.

So hooray RYOBI! We received their random bit sander, planer, brushless drill driver kit, and circular saw. Stay tuned for our DIY projects with these lovely tools.

As I was saying, the Queen Mother, with her bad self, sparked joy and now our plan for the space is cemented. Here’s the Design Concept Board for the space.

Some of our many sponsors are represented here and there are more to come in the weeks that follow. I actually did lose my mind and will have a surprise for you next week. It’s good too.

Back to this board though. We are thrilled to be working with CALICO for our drapery panels and hardware for the window treatments. I chose Calico’s quickship Slubbed Linen Blend Pinch Pleated panels in size 120”, along with their Bent Arm Drapery Rods and Rings in a champagne color. I was able to actually visit a local Calico showroom and feel the hand of the panels. They are beautiful and the blend has just the right amount of weight for my windows which bring in loads of sunlight in the afternoon.

The CaliKing (well of course) bed and bedding is from one of our newest sponsors - SAATVA - and we can’t wait to tell you more about our partnership with them.

But wait! There’s more. MINTED came all the way through with their partnership MINTED x WESTELM and sponsored our seating as well as some custom artwork for the space. There’s more on that partnership to come as well. And what say you about fabric? Well, FABRICUT has been generous with sponsoring fabric from S.HARRIS and STROHEIM trim that we plan to use for custom window treatments. Our windows will be layered and fabulous all around.

And guess who’s back? Wallpaper of course! And lots of it. Almost the entire room will be covered in two luxurious papers from The VALE LONDON via Fabricut. Now I wish I had The Queen’s magical powers because we are doing ”tew much” and hoping on a wing and a prayer that we finish on time.

Oh and did I tell you we are 99% there on the render? Oh Oh it’s good. Here’s a sneak peek of literally the first take on the room in clay.

Basic, but you see where we are headed right? For Lighting, once again our hats are off to HUDSON VALLEY LIGHTING for always coming through. This time the lighting is fantastical and will have a starring role. This beautiful white plaster piece is called ”The Vine” and it is spectacular over 5 feet tall. But it is as light as a feather. I chose it because the Queen deserves nothing less than magical lighting. Here’s an IRL view.

So, first thing first is to get the wallpaper up though. LOL. We are waiting for 6 more rolls and then we can check that off the list. Thanks for checking back this week. I’ll post my video recap of the week’s doings in a reel on my Instagram (click) to set the mood.

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