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Tranquility and Sustainability Inside and Out Were Top Trends at High Point Market this Fall

Searching for the zen-side of life? Several of the showrooms we visited as part of the High Point Market Design Influencers Tour had their fingers on the pulse of home both inside and out. Want understated luxury focused on quality and sustainability? These furniture and rug manufacturers brought the goods to market, literally.

Edward Fields Carpet Makers is a vanguard of American design and has been creating bespoke luxury carpets and rugs for eight decades. For the first time in its history, Edward Fields now offers dynamic area rugs directly to discerning homeowners and design enthusiasts. AREA by Edward Fields took us behind the scenes of their carpet making and their rugs did not disappoint.

Edward Fields first coined the term Area Rug in the 1950s as part of its first carpet collection exhibited at Lord & Taylor. Area is dedicated to fine craftsmanship and sustainability. AREA by Edward Fields continues its legacy through the use of contemporary and versatile designs hand-crafted in luxurious New Zealand wool.

We also visited Jaipur Living and heard their origination story and about how many of their rugs and home decor are made by a community of weavers who take pride in their work and designs. We learned that Jaipur Rugs founded n 1978 with 9 artisans working on two looms. Jaipur Living offers rugs, pillows and home decor.

The Jaipur System removes the middleman by employing a network of 40,000 artisans in more than 700 villages in India, ensuring quality and consistency. They’re provided a livable and reliable wage, along with opportunities for personal growth and development. We learned about the Manchaha program that includes one-of-a-kind rugs that are freely designed by rural weavers without the use of weaving maps and are crafted of handspun yarn left over from completed rugs.

We also visited the Shifman Mattresses showroom and we were blown away by the mechanics of how the mattresses are made and how much thought and craftsmanship goes into each mattress. Shifman Mattresses are handcrafted luxury. The company has been creating long lasting comfort since its founding in 1893.

I can honestly say that after trying out the various offering, I now know what it feels like to lay my head on a handcrafted mattress made to fit the way I sleep. Shifman Mattresses have signature two-sided construction and the highest content of natural materials, including plush cashmere, natural latex and New Zealand wool. They take their focus on sustainability seriously.

Here’s my designer friend Jewel Marlowe trying out one of their handcrafted mattresses.

Sherrill Furniture was next up on the tour and we had so much fun meeting their showroom staff who walked us through several spaces and shared an insider's secret with our group. The showroom as we saw it is being completely torn down and rebuilt in 2022. It will combine several of their lines in one state of the art building that is sure to be a hub of High Point activity when it reopens.

Sherrill Furniture prides itself on being American-made with hand craftsmanship and modern manufacturing methods. All of their factories are in Hickory, NC and their furniture is made by skilled and thoughtful crafts people who take pride in their furniture making.

Here’s Adam Janko enjoying perhaps the most comfortable handcrafted leather chair ever.

Sustainability and Tranquility, you say? Outdoor living is the first thought that comes to mind. And if you are outdoors, you need outdoor furniture that lives like you are indoors. You want comfort and style crafted with quality and endurance at the core. Lloyd Flanders immediately ticks all those boxes. Lloyd Flanders combines great design, craftsmanship and lifelong durability in its premium outdoor furniture line.

Our visit to Lloyd Flanders showed us that you can "live" outdoors and live well. Modern comfort and construction were a highlight of the visit to their showroom. I loved how tightly woven their chairs were.

Sustainability often means living smaller and cutting out waste, creating a smaller footprint on a shared planet. Our visit to Innovation Living showed us how you really can have a big impact even with a smaller footprint. Their convertible sofa sleeper systems had us all riveted by how they transformed so easily but remained stylish, tailored and comfortable.

Innovation Living allows you to expand your living space. They even offer an OEKO-TEX certified fabric made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. The recycled polyester yarn, is made from recycled plastic waste. Sustainability at its finest.

We enjoyed our visits to these showrooms and felt fortunate to be able to learn how these companies are making furniture and home goods that we wouldn't hesitate to place in a client's home or recommend because of the quality, comfort, style, and sustainable practices implored by these manufacturers.

Our recap of the High Point Market Design Influencers Tour continues. We hope you come back for more information on the participating companies next week.

The High Point Market Design Influencers Tour 2021, Participating companies:

AREA by Edwards Fields, Cisco Home, Crypton Home Fabric, Hooker Furniture, Hubbardton Forge, Innovation Living, Jaipur Living, Lloyd Flanders, Rowe Furniture, Sherrill Furniture, Shifman Mattress, Stickley, Universal Furniture,

The High Point Market Design Influencers Tour 2021 Designers:

Matt French, Jewel Marlowe, Samantha Regan, Karen Wolf, Elizabeth Elliott, Dee Frazier, Joy Williams, Veronica Solomon, Rydhima Brar,


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