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Well Laid Plans: Joyful Designs®️Studio - Week II One Room Challenge Spring 2021

As you know from our last foray into this challenge, we are all about process over here. If we can plan for it ahead of time, we do. Design can be efficient and orderly. We like to take the stress out of the process of pulling a space together whenever possible. So we plan.

First up this week is space planning. We told you last week about our plans to create an open-concept kitchen, dining room and living room. To that end this last week was about finishing the demo of those spaces, as well as the bathroom. We did that. So make sure you sign up for the second installment of our #joyfulhappenings newsletter to get more behind the scenes on our plans for these spaces.

The Plan:

Demo Day (er days)!

As you will see below, we had to completely demo the kitchen and bath. The kitchen was a given if you read our Week I Blog post. But the total gut of the bath was a bit of a surprise. And when I say total gut - well, take a look:

The Kitchen is now open. No seriously, it really is. LOL.

And from the ruins of what used to be plaster walls in the bathroom. By the way, did we mention the huge hole we found in the bathroom floor under the tub? Take a look.

So, buckle up buttercups! This ORC will be a bumpy ride for us. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post where we start making sense of these spaces and reveal more of our design plans. And be sure to follow our progress on Instagram and Pinterest.

Want more great design? Head over to the One Room Challenge™️ Blog and see what the other challengers and featured designers are up to in week 2. Better Homes and Gardens is the media sponsor of the entire event.

Thank you to our product partners for this Spring’s ORC spaces!

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